Tax law

  • Business taxation: corporate taxation, accounting advice, assistance in management procedures and inspections, taxation of accounting regulations and ICAC consultations, etc.
  • Family business taxation: formation, management, continuity and transfers.
  • Taxation of resident individuals: advice on personal income tax returns, inheritance, wealth tax, real estate transactions, management and inspection procedures before the Tax Agency.
  • Tax advice to elite sportsmen and clubs.
  • Municipal taxation: IBI, ICIO, IIVTNU (capital gains tax) and IAE.
  • Tax procedures: verification, management and inspection procedures, collection, penalties, rectification of declarations and refund of undue income, economic-administrative and judicial claims.
  • Indirect taxation: VAT.
  • Taxation of cryptocurrencies.
  • Cassation appeals.

International tax law

  • Taxation of non-resident individuals: advice on their tax obligations in Spain and in their country of origin, double taxation conflicts, tax proceedings before the Tax Agency.
  • Taxation of foreign individuals resident in Spain: completion of their tax obligations and regularisation of their situation in Spain, assistance in tax proceedings initiated by the Tax Agency, double taxation conflicts and application of double taxation treaties.
  • Foreign tax agencies: Assistance to foreign individuals resident in Spain in their tax obligations in their country of origin: Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, etc.
  • Application of the impatriate regime.

Civil law

  • Claims for damages.
  • Wills, declaration of heirs and inheritance partitions.
  • Real estate law: sales and purchases, leases, regularisation of land registry, cadastral and immatriculation.
  • Property disputes.
  • Claims for payment.
  • Settlement of matrimonial property and unmarried couples.
  • Eviction proceedings.

Corporate law

  • Incorporation of companies, registration and drafting of internal regulations.
  • Comprehensive legal advice for companies.
  • Insolvency proceedings.
  • Corporate law and corporate governance.
  • Shareholders' agreements and shareholders' agreements.
  • Consultancy and secretarial services for administrative bodies.
  • Corporate restructuring operations: mergers, demergers, exchange of securities.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies.

Labor Law

  • Dismissals, wage claims and recognition of rights, settlements.
  • Legal advice on labour disputes.
  • Administrative disciplinary proceedings and social security contribution assetment.
  • Proceedings and claims in matters of social security and accidents at work.
  • Collective bargaining agreements, employment regulation proceedings, substantial modification of working conditions.
  • Advice on contractual matters: negotiation and drafting of contracts.

Administrative law

  • Contentious-administrative appeals.
  • Patrimonial liability of public administrations.
  • Urban development plans and projects.
  • Obtaining building and activity licences.
  • Administrative procedures before Town Councils and other public administrations.
  • Expropriation procedures.
  • Procedures for the declaration of new construction.

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